Membership in the Poodle Club


The purposes of The Poodle Club of America, Inc., are to create, foster and promote the owning,responsible breeding and training of purebred Poodles in accordance with the standard of the breed as approved by the American Kennel Club and to do all possible to make the public aware of the breed’s natural qualities.

Functions of PCA

Members of the Poodle Club of America are, in general, veteran breeders, exhibitors and judges. They have, through years of experience, gained extensive knowledge about Poodles. It is their function, as members of the Parent Club, to define and preserve the Standard of the Ideal Poodle and to advance the general welfare of the breed. PCA has, at present, one or more business meetings a year, one of which precedes the National specialty.  It is the deliberative and policymaking group for Poodle Activities.

There are three types of Membership

The purpose of the Individual Membership is to recognize individuals who demonstrated long term that they have acquired significant knowledge of the breed standard, have successfully breed and exhibited and have conducted themselves with good sportsmanship exhibiting good character in matters important to the Club and the Breed.

The purpose of the Associate Membership is to recognize individuals who have demonstrated a long term commitment to the Poodle beyond the role of conformation exhibiter and breeder. Examples include participation in performance/companion activities, extensive rescue work and other activities deemed worthy by the Board of Governors.

Photos courtesy Leslie Newing

Affiliate Clubs
Across the country there are area, or local, Poodle Clubs, many of which are Affiliate Clubs of PCA. Area Poodle Clubs must first qualify with the American Kennel Club to hold point shows before applying for PCA Affiliate Club status. Each Affiliate Club is entitled to be represented by a delegate at PCA membership meetings. The Affiliate Club Council, chaired by the Second Vice President of PCA, meets once a year. Its emphasis is placed on education and helping clubs maintain their status in an ever changing dog world. . Many of the local clubs hold handling classes, matches and one or two specialty shows a year. In addition, many provide educational meetings, symposiums, lectures, news bulletins, breeder's aids and social activities. Most of the members of PCA are, or have been, members of Affiliate Poodle Clubs.

Joining the Club

An individual who wishes to join PCA must have two members of the Club who have known him/her for sometime propose him/her for membership by letters to the Corresponding Secretary. Each of these members will be sent a sponsor form. When these forms are completed and returned to the secretary, the Applicant will be sent an application to be filled out and returned, along with a recent photograph. All applications, which have been completed at least 30 days prior to the meeting, will be presented by the Corresponding Secretary at the next Board of Governor's Meeting. After this, it will be forwarded to the Chairman of the Membership Committee. After study and deliberation, the Membership Committee will submit its recommendation to the Board of Governors of the Club for final action. If sponsor forms and applications are not returned to the Corresponding Secretary within a two-year period, that application is dropped and the entire process may be started again at a later date.